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Table 1 Products evaluated by NICE

From: The NICE ADHD health technology assessment: A review and critique

Trade Name (England) Active Ingredient Formulation Cost/Daily Dose1 Assumed Total Daily Dose Daily Dosage Schedule
Dexedrine Dex amphetamine Short-acting ₤ 0.43 20 mg/d 2 (-3) times
Ritalin Methyl phenidate Short-acting ₤ 0.56 30 mg/d 3 (2–4) times
Equasym Methyl phenidate Short-acting ₤ 0.53 30 mg/d 3 (2–4) times
Concerta XL Methyl phenidate Long-acting (~12 h) ₤ 1.23 36 mg/d 1 time
Equasym XL Methyl phenidate Long-acting (~8 h) ₤ 1.17 30 mg/d 1 time
Strattera Atomoxetine Long-acting ₤ 1.95 Irrelevant (flat pricing) 1 (-2) times
  1. 1Acquisition costs of the National Health Service (NHS) in England (net prices, excluding VAT and not accounting for negotiated procurement discounts in some settings), from British National Formulary 51, March 2006; note that individual doses and thus costs may vary. Assumed average doses should not be confused with dose recommendations.