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Table 2 Group comparisons on affective and cognitive perspective-taking.

From: Cognitive and affective perspective-taking in conduct-disordered children high and low on callous-unemotional traits

Characteristic CD-high-CU CD-low-CU Control Statistic
Affective perspective-taking. Mdn (IQR) 4.5 (3)a 3 (2)b 5(1.50)c χ2(2,122) = 28.25 **
Cognitive perspective-taking. Mdn (IQR) 5 (2.25)a 4 (2)b 5(2)a χ2(2,122) = 15.92 **
  1. Note: Mdn: Median; IQR = Interquartile Range; Medians in the same row that do not share subscripts differ at p < .05 in the Mann-Whitney U procedure.
  2. **p < .001