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Table 2 Axis I disorders according to ICD-10 research criteria at the time of the follow-up using DIA-X and HDI (n = 23; in some of the patients more than one disorder was diagnosed)

From: Long-term outcome and prognosis of dissociative disorder with onset in childhood or adolescence

Any Axis I disorder 13 (56.5%)
Dissociative disorder 6 (26.1%)
Somatoform disorder 5 (21.7%)
Phobic disorder (social or simple phobia) 3 (13%)
Agoraphobia 4 (17.4%)
Dysthymia 3 (13%)
Bipolar disorder 1 (4.3%)
Substance related disorder 2 (8.7%)
  1. DIA-X: Expert System for Diagnosing Mental Disorders; HDI: Heidelberg Dissociation Inventory.