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Table 2 Survey of the administered MSSB stories described by Warren et al. (1996).

From: The specificity and the development of social-emotional competence in a multi-ethnic-classroom

0) The Birthday of Susanne/George (warm-up story): The family celebrates the birthday of Susanne/George.
1) The Hot Soup: Although the mother had forbidden it, the child grasps at the pot with the hot soup, pouring it out and burning her hand.
2) Barney's Disappearance: The child goes to the garden for playing with the dog Barney, but Barney is not there.
3) The Departure: The parents drive on a trip overnight and the children remain with the grandmother.
4) The Return of the Parents: The parents return from their trip.
5) The Lost Key: The child enters the room and hears mother and father arguing over a lost key.
6) The Exclusion: Mother and father want to be alone and send the child to its room to play.
7) Mother's Headache: The mother has a headache and asks Susanne/George to switch off the television. There the friend comes by and absolutely wants to watch television.
8) Three is a Crowd: The child and the friend play with his new ball. There comes the small brother from the house and wants to join in, but the friend doesn't want that at all.
9) The Sand Castle: A small child in a park built a sand castle. The friend says to the child: Come on, we break the little guy's sand castle.
  1. Instruction after playing the respective scene: "Show and tell, what happens next!"