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Table 1 Items GAIJSO

From: Offense related characteristics and psychosexual development of juvenile sex offenders

I. Sexual offense II. Psychosexual development
1. Victim age 16. Sex education
2. Gender of victim 17. Sexual preoccupation
3. Relation victim and perpetrator 18. Deviant sexual fantasies
4. Nature of sexual act 19. Sexual excitement during offense
5. Type of offending (solo versus as part of a group) 20. Deviant sexual behavior
6. Place in group 21. Previous sex offenses
7. Offense history (frequency) 22. History of sexual victimization
8. Offense history (duration) 23. Sexualizing family
9. Confession to/denial of the offense 24. Deviant sexual attitudes/perversities
10. Taking responsibility 25. Global assessment care domain psychosexual development
11. Empathy  
12. Insight into risk situations and 'triggers'  
13. Planning/preparation  
14. Use of force  
15. Global assessment care domain sexual offense