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Table 1 Sub-groups of chronic illness in the second wave of the Bergen Child Study*

From: Chronicity of sleep problems in children with chronic illness: a longitudinal population-based study

Subgroups (n)   n
Neurological disorders (76) Mental retardation and related syndromes 27
  Epilepsy 20
  Migraine 13
  Cerebral palsy 6
  Hydrocephalus and myelomeningocele 4
  Other 6
Asthma (188)   
Somatic disorders (55) Diabetes 14
  Gastrointestinal disorders 14
  Skeletal disorders 12
  Cardiovascular disorders 3
  Heamophiliac 3
  Kidney 3
  Endocrinological disorders 3
  Muscle disorders 2
  Rheumatism 1
  1. * Children may have more than one chronic illness