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Table 1 Participant characteristics (N = 286) according to the DAWBA, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services North Study, Norway, 2006-2008a

From: The strengths and difficulties questionnaire as a screening instrument for norwegian child and adolescent mental health services, application of UK scoring algorithms

Ethnicity Non-immigrant Norwegian 85%
  Sami people 3%
  Immigrant from Europe 4%
Family (living with) Both biological parents 47%
  One biological parent 27%
  A biological parent and his/her new partner 13%
  Foster care 4%
Household income Double income 56%
  One income 26%
Socioeconomic stress No/minor 72%
  Major 14%
Work/work pressure stress No/minor 63%
  Major 23%
Physical/mental health stress No/minor 71%
  Major 15%
  1. aMissing data for 8-18%.