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Table 2 Content of the sessions

From: Cognitive behavioral therapy of socially phobic children focusing on cognition: a randomised wait-list control study

Session No. Content Material
1-5 psycho-education (goals: relationship to the child, the child's motivation, the externalization of anxiety, normalization of fears, information on social anxiety, target setting, creating an anxiety hierachy, strategies for overcoming fears) Therapeutic story as part of each session, hand puppets, puzzles, pictures, songs, stories, games, information sheets about social anxiety
6-8 cognitive restructuring: negative thoughts in advance of social situations and subsequent re-evaluations Picture stories, stories, games and encouragement to discourage 'bad' thoughts
9-18 Preparation of behavioral experiments with gradually increasing difficulty, assessment of safety and avoidance behavior, discussion of potential obstacles, attention training, behavioral experiments in vivo Various role-playing, some with video feedback, "Angstopoly" (board game with the implementation of social practice)
19 Summary and conclusion of the therapy, dealing with relapses  
20 Booster Session  
Parents Parent sessions: Information on social anxiety in children, video-based assessment for the caregivers on how to deal with the child's fears, information about behavioral experiments and possibilities for supporting the child Closing session