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Table 1 Internet Factsheet: NSSI Related Activities

From: Non-suicidal self-injury, youth, and the Internet: What mental health professionals need to know

  Community Websites Social Networking Websites Video/Photo Sharing Websites
Terms Chat Forum: Space dedicated to real time chat among individuals who are accessing the website.
Moderated: Content and membership on website is controlled and regulated by creator.
Discussion Forum (message board): online space where users can openly exchange information and opinions regarding a common interest/theme.
e-communities: electronic community/social network of users who share a common interest.
Peer driven: Created and moderated by a non-professional.
Professionally driven: Created and moderated by a mental health professional.
Friends: People you connect and share profile information with.
Post: Public sharing of information on a wall.
Profile: User space containing personal information, online exchanges and photos.
Wall: User profile space where friends can post and share information.
Blog: A personal journal created by user.
Followers: size of audience following individual’s tweets/profile.
Tweet: real time information sharing in 140 characters or less.
General (common terms found across all social networking websites).
Group: collection of individuals who keep in touch surrounding a particular theme.
Instant chat/messaging (IM): Live, real time chat that occurs in present time between members.
Members: individuals who join a group
Messages: Private exchange of material (e.g., messages, photos).
Public vs. Private group: Membership required.
Account: viewer to verify they are a mature audience (18 years and older).
Character: Videos containing live individual(s)
Comments: Public remarks/observations posted by video viewers pertaining to a specific video.
Non-Character: Videos containing visual representations such as images, video stills, and/or text.
Subscribe: To receive updates when a specific video uploader posts new videos.
Top Favorited: A user indicates a specific video is their preferred.
Video Uploader: User who creates and shares videos.
Video view count: Number of video views, also referred to as “hits”.
Examples * *
(account needed to access groups)
  1. Note: * websites are examples and are not suggested as recommendations.