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Table 3 Dietary Intake and Physical Activity in the Sample

From: Correlates of weight gain during long-term risperidone treatment in children and adolescents

Dietary Intake
Total Calories, kcal/d 1926 (±772)
Protein Content, % 14.1 (±2.3)
Fat Content, % 32.1 (±4.4)
Carbohydrates Content, % 55.3 (±6.2)
Physical Activity
Sleep, hrs/day 8.6 (±3.1)
Screen Time, hrs/day a 2.9 (±2.1)
Days of Activity per Week 3.5 (±1.2)
Parent-rated Activity b 2.4 (±1.1)
  1. a Screen time included the time spent watching television, playing video games or on the computer, etc.
  2. b Parent-rated activity was based on a single-item question asking the parent to compare the child’s level of activity to his peers on a 5-point Likert scale with 2 being equivalent to peers.