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Table 3 Anxiety and depression (HADS) of the EMWAjong group versus the HADS reference group; Mean scores, SD and effect sizes

From: Health-related quality of life, anxiety and depression in young adults with disability benefits due to childhood-onset somatic conditions

  EMWAjong group N = 377 HADS reference group N = 182   
    F Effectsize
Anxiety    12.53* 0.35
  Mean 5.6 4.4   
  SD 4.0 3.5   
Depression    18.12* 0.54
  Mean 4.0 2.5   
  SD 3.5 2.7   
  1. * Group differences at p < 0.001 according to ANOVA by group and age. F-value and effectsize for the effect of group.