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Table 3 Physical exercise group

From: Effect of yoga or physical exercise on physical, cognitive and emotional measures in children: a randomized controlled trial

Sl. no. Name of exercise Timing for each exercise (in minutes) Recovery time (in minutes) (without instruction)
1 Jogging in place 8 1
 (i) Slow jogging
 (ii) Thighs perpendicular to the trunk
 (iii) Knees flexed, feet directed sideways
 (iv) Knees flexed, heels touching the buttocks
2 Rapid bending forwards & backwards 5 1
 (i) With legs together
 (ii) With legs apart
3 Bending sideways 5 1
 (i) With legs together
 (ii) With legs apart
4 Spinal twisting 3 1
5 Relay races/games 18 2
  Total time of intervention 45 minutes