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Table 1 Content of CBT-sessions and assessments

From: The Nordic long-term OCD treatment study (NordLOTS): rationale, design, and methods

Time Assessment Assessment instrument Parents involved in
0 Assessment by independent evaluator K-SADS, CBCL, CY-BOCS, CGI, MFQ, ASSQ, COIS, CGAS, FAS, EAS, SCARED-R Whole session
1 Psycho-education: Model for understanding and treatment CGI-I, Compliance Whole session
2 Externalising of OCD CGI-I, Whole session
3 Cognitive training and further assessment of OCD CGI-I, 30 min
Parents: Negative attributions on OCD and the child
4 Test-exposure and tool box CGI-I, 30 min
Parents: Parents’ role, guilt-feeling and self-reproach
5 E/RP; fight against OCD CGI-I, 30 min
Parents: The family’s involvement in OCD
6 E/RP; get more control over OCD CGI-I, 30 min
Parents: The child’s own responsibility for the treatment
7 E/RP; support the child or the OCD? CGI-I, Compliance, CY-BOCS, CGAS, to bring home: MFQ, COIS Whole session
Joint hour with parents: Repetition of parents’ role, milestones
8 E/RP; comorbidity and special therapeutic needs. CGI-I, 30 min
Parents: Secondary winnings and other obstacles
9 E/RP; continue the fight against OCD CGI-I, 30 min
Parents: Separate OCD from other problems
10 E/RP; continue the fight against OCD CGI-I, 30 min
Parents: Unity and taking care of the family
11 E/RP; Going through the treatment session CGI-I, Whole session
Parents: Group-gathering – problem solving
12 E/RP; turning point CGI-I, 30 min
Parents: How can parents prevent relapse
13 E/RP; prevent relapse CGI-I, Compliance, CY-BOCS, CGAS. 30 min
Parents: What to do in case of relapse CBCL, MFQ, COIS, SCARED-R.
  Check that date for independent evaluation is set   
14 Closing ceremony CGI-I, Whole session
Getting together with the parents: Going through the treatment process