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Table 1 Prevalence of child mental disorders in selected regions of China

From: Current state and recent developments of child psychiatry in China

Authors Time Cities Age, years Sample size Tools Prevalence
Wang YF, Chen YC et al. 1988 Beijing 7-14 2432 CBQ 8.3%
Xi RE, Xu TY et al. 1992 22 cities 4-16 24013 CBCL 12.97%
Yang ZW, Li XR et al. 1997 Hunan 4-16 8644 CBCL, DMS-IV 14.89%
Tang GZ, Guo LT et al. 2005 Chengdu 11-18 1740 CBCL 15.1%
Guan BQ, Luo XR et al. 2009 Hunan 5-17 9495 DSM-IV 16.22%
  1. CBQ: Children Behavior Questionnaire, Rutter; CBCL: Child Behavior Checklist, Achenbach; DSM-IV: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder-IV, American Psychiatric Association.