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Fig. 2 | Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health

Fig. 2

From: The effects of long-term medication on growth in children and adolescents with ADHD: an observational study of a large cohort of real-life patients

Fig. 2

Weight and height z scores at baseline and in 0–11 months, 12–47 months, 48–71 months and 72+ months after treatment start according to gender, age at treatment start and change in weight z score within the first year of treatment. The bars indicate 95 % confidence intervals. p(1): p value for test for the entire course of curves among groups (i.e. are the curves parallel?). p(2): p value for test for the course of the curves after 0–11 months among groups (i.e. are the courses of the curves the same after 0–11 months?). p(3): p value for test for no group effect given the curves are parallel. If p(1) or p(2) reaches significance p(3) is omitted. The bars indicate 95 % confidence intervals

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