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Table 1 Training and research-related activities of the BRC initiative

From: Building research capacity in child welfare in Canada

Activity Description
Quantitative data analysis Intensive seminars and semester-long courses focusing on quantitative research methods, from descriptive statistics to multivariate models. Seminars and courses offered up until now have focused on data analysis using SPSS, descriptive and inferential statistics, multilevel models of analysis and statistical analyses using the CIS database
Qualitative data analysis Seminars and workshops focusing on introductory qualitative research methods including the fundamentals of qualitative interviews, focus groups and data analysis and coding
Child welfare policy group The group is designed to help students develop and share their expertise on emerging child welfare policy and practice issues across Canada
Journal watch This group is designed for students and researchers to discuss ongoing child welfare research trends by analyzing and appraising the methodology and substantive content of assigned articles. Articles include ones that stand out because of their methodological strengths or their relevance for policy and practice
Research seminars Seminars provide an opportunity for students to learn about emerging research in child welfare from other scholars and discuss issues related to research methods or designs, as well as implications for practice and policy
Methods brownbag A forum to present methodological questions including complex issues of research design, measurement and data analysis
In the know Newsletter about agency-specific analyses of children’s trajectories