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Table 2 Frequencies of correctly answered questions of knowledge

From: A German e-learning-training in the context of early preventive intervention and child protection: preliminary findings of a pre-post evaluation

No. Question %
20 Which statement is correct: deformities of newborns 88.3
13 Which answer is correct? Social-pedagogical family support is a service 85.7
3 What does the concept of intuitive competences describe? 83.6
22 Which statement about regulation problems of young children is correct? 83.3
16 What is rather not part of a client-oriented handling of professional communication? 79.9
17 Which statement is correct: when parents are at psychological risk… 78.6
7 What is one of the reasons that the category of child neglect is associated with definition problems? 78.0
1 What is correct in context of ''learning in the first year of life''? 76.4
12 Why is the role of child services in context of early preventive intervention characterized as tense/difficult? 74.7
5 How doe inadequate expectations of a child affect a child’s development? 72.1
14 Which statement is correct: from a judicial perspective, an “endangerment of a child’s well-being” can be assumed when… 71.0
6 What is the correct procedure for caregivers when a suspicion of a post traumatic syndrome exists? 61.3
8 Which statement is correct: A burn caused by maltreatment can be identified… 57.1
9 How is a risk factor described by the social and human sciences? 50.1
15 Which of the following statements is correct? 49.3
18 How do babies adapt to their parents’ style of interaction that is potentially dangerous (e.g. with parents having the Borderline syndrome)? 46.4
21 Which statement does not apply? 42.7
23 Is there an interface between early learning initiatives and early preventive intervention? 41.7
24 What is one of the reasons why the behavior of newborns is perceived as rebuffing? 41.4
4 Which of the following statements applies the least to newborns and toddlers? 40.9
10 For the assessment of an endangerment of a child’s well-being, multiple central questions can be formulated, which allow an assessment of the entire situation of the child. Which… 34.7
11 Which statement about the offers of early preventive intervention is correct? 34.5
2 Which statement is correct: unsecure ambivalent attachment…. 32.9
19 How do psychotic mothers differ in their conscious experience from depressed mothers? 1.4