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Table 4 Hierarchical regression analysis of state anger with demographic variables and coping resources as predictors (N = 169)

From: Youth in the midst of escalated political violence: sense of coherence and hope among Jewish and Bedouin Arab adolescents

Predictor variables β p R 2 F
Step 1—demographic variables    0.05 7.561
 Culture 0.21 0.007   
Step 2—coping resources    0.13 8.89
 Culture 0.20 0.008   
 SOC −0.29 0.001   
 Individual hope −0.18 0.045   
Step 3—interaction terms    0.02 0.95
  1. In order to keep the data organized, only variables with significant contribution to the model are presented in the table
  2. β standardized regression coefficient, R 2 proportion of variance explained in each step