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Table 1 Descriptive characteristics in percentages (N = 390)

From: Child Protection Service interference in childhood and the relation with mental health problems and delinquency in young adulthood: a latent class analysis study

Socio-demographic characteristics
 Mean age 21.7 years old
 Born in The Netherlands
  Yes 76.6
 Dutch ethnicity
  Yes 12.6
 Educational level
  Primary 36.5
  Junior secondary 44.7
  Senior secondary 17.5
  Other 1.3
Family characteristics
 Family problems in youth
  Yes 63.2
 Police contact of family members in youth
  Yes 19.0
Service use
 Service use
  Yes 83.3
 Frequency of service use
  None 16.2
  Once 28.0
  2 or 3 36.5
  4 or more 19.3
  Prevalence serious dysfunctioning (%)a
Psychological functioning previous 6 months (ASR)
 Total problems 29.8
 Anxious/depressed 30.8
 Withdrawn 51.2
 Somatic complaints 29.3
 Intrusive 7.7
 Rule-breaking behaviour 44.7
 Aggressive behaviour 28.0
 Attention problems 30.6
 Thought problems 34.2
 Substance use 53.0
Delinquent behaviour from onset till young adulthood (SRD)
 Committed at least one offence
  Yes 93.3
 Destruction/public order offence
  Yes 62.6
 Property offence
  Yes 85.9
 Aggression/violent offence
  Yes 73.1
 Drug offence
  Yes 59.2
Delinquent behaviour previous 6 months (SRD) (N = 179)b
 Committed at least one offence
  Yes 63.0
 Destruction/public order offence
  Yes 10.8
 Property offence
  Yes 27.1
 Aggression/violent offence
  Yes 21.6
 Drug offence
  Yes 21.0
  1. aPrevalence of serious dysfunctioning is based on percentile scores in the borderline (between the 84th and 90th percentiles) and clinical range (above the 90th percentile) [78]
  2. bSelf-reported delinquency in the previous 6 months has been added during the study and measured in 179 participants