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Table 3 Factor Loadings of Korean CPTCI

From: Validation of the Child Post-Traumatic Cognitions Inventory in Korean survivors of sexual violence

Original CPTCI-S Original CPTCI-S
4. My reactions since the frightening event mean I have changed for the worse .764 .857   
6. My reactions since the frightening event mean something is seriously wrong with me .823 .887   
8. Not being able to get over all my fears means that I am a failure .750    
13. My reactions since the frightening event mean I will never get over it .729    
14. I used to be a happy person but now I am always sad .707 .753   
16. I will never be able to have normal feelings again .771 .800   
17. I’m scared that I’ll get so angry that I’ll break something or hurt someone .740    
19. My life has been destroyed by the frightening event .796 .819   
20. I feel like I am a different person since the frightening event .768    
21. My reactions since the frightening event show that I must be going crazy .836 .838   
22. Nothing good can happen to me anymore .814    
23. Something terrible will happen if I do not try to control my thoughts about the frightening event .762    
24. The frightening event has changed me forever .792    
1. Anyone could hurt me    .531  
2. Everyone lets me down    .679  
3. I am a coward    .565  
5. I don’t trust people    .696 .776
7. I am no good    .780 .808
9. Small things upset me    .683  
10. I can’t cope when things get tough    .758 .776
11. I can’t stop bad things from happening to me    .792  
12. I have to watch out for danger all the time    .458  
15. Bad things always happen    .749 .778
18. Life is not fair    .807  
25. I have to be really careful because something bad could happen    .553  
  1. CPTCI Child Post-traumatic Cognitions Inventory, CPTCI-PC permanent and disturbing change subscale of the CPTCI, CPTCI-SW fragile person in a scary world subscale of the CPTCI, Original original form of the CPTCI, CPTCI-S short form of the CPTCI