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Table 1 Siblings of adolescents with NSSI and their reasons for why they not engage in self-injurious behavior (n = 18)

From: Sibling relationships of female adolescents with nonsuicidal self-injury disorder in comparison to a clinical and a nonclinical control group

Reason Number of siblings %
I have better strategies to deal with stress 9 42.9
I have learned to be thick skinned 9 42.9
I feel less burdened by the family situation 8 38.1
I can express and vent my anger 8 38.1
I have better peer relationships 7 33.4
My sister has experienced more bad things 6 28.6
My sister is too sensitive 5 23.8
I am better at solving problems with our parents 5 23.8
My sister feels more burdened by conflicts with our parents 5 23.8