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Fig. 1

From: Trauma-focused group intervention for unaccompanied young refugees: “Mein Weg”—predictors of treatment outcomes and sustainability of treatment effects

Fig. 1

Study Flow Chart. Participants included in this study are marked in green color. 1Participants who started the intervention and completed at least 5 sessions of the intervention “Mein Weg”. Study sample of research question 1. 2 Reasons for premature termination of the intervention “Mein Weg” were lack of motivation (n = 4); alternative treatment (n = 1); high psychosocial stress due to deportation notice (n = 1); and organizational reasons within the institution (n = 4). 3Lost to follow-up means that participants didn’t fill out any questionnaire. 4Study sample of research question 2 (ITT analysis)

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