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Table 6 Online sexual abuse—forward StepWise logistic regression to identify important variables among each block of variables

From: Online sexual abuse of adolescents by a perpetrator met online: a cross-sectional study

Block Variables identified as statistically significant within each block OR (95% CI)
Table 2a Family financial situation  
Poor 1.78 (.78–4.02)
Don’t know 3.53 (1.04–11.95)
Table 2b Any sexual abuse 2.64 (1.02–6.18)
Penetrative sexual abuse 2.76 (1.02–7.50)
Threats of hitting 3.60 (1.68–7.23)
Table 3 PBI overprotection, father 1.07 (1.02–1.12)
TSCC depression 1.15 (1.06–1.26)
TSCC sexual anxiety 1.35 (1.14–1.61)
Table 5 Looked for someone online to talk sex with 4.80 (1.66–13.88)
Been offended by crude sexual language when you chatted with a person you only knew through the internet 5.12 (1.78–14.67)
Posted nude pictures (community/internet site) 5.05 (1.60–15.87)
Final model Penetrative sexual abuse 3.68 (1.58–8.58)
Threats of hitting 2.33 (1.04–5.24)
TSCC depression 1.11 (1.04–1.17)
Looked for someone online to talk sex with 6.52 (2.73–15.57)
Posted nude pictures (community) 4.74 (1.70–13.16)
  1. Variables to be included in a “final model” was reduced by performing stepwise multiple logistic regression analyses for each table separately