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Table 1 Items of the self-developed questionnaire for YWO and CAP employees used in the present study

From: Come together: case specific cross-institutional cooperation of youth welfare services and child and adolescent psychiatry

Score Items Rating
Case specific communication How successful was the development of a common problem comprehension among the professional employees (themes/issue domains)? 1 = very poor to 6 = excellent
How transparent have the tasks and capacities of the professional employees been made in the context of case specific cooperation? 1 = very poor to 6 = excellent
How well are agreements on responsibilities and work assignments of the professional employees regulated? 1 = very poor to 6 = excellent 
How would you estimate the mutual exchange between professional employees regarding successful aspects and errors of the cooperative process? 1 = very poor to 6 = excellent 
How understandable and comprehensible would you estimate the view of the case responsible employee of YWO/CAP) 1 = very poor to 6 = excellent
Total case specific cooperation Overall, how well did the planning and arrangements of specific help succeed? 1 = very poor to 6 = excellent 
Overall, how well did the communication between the professional employees succeed? 1 = very poor to 6 = excellent
Overall, how successful was the specific cooperation between the professional employees? 1 = very poor to 6 = excellent
Psychosocial needs How would you estimate the child’s psychosocial needs? 1 = extremely low to 6 = extremely high
  1. The scores were built on basis of the average of the corresponding items