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Table 2 Flow of each lesson for the Up2-D2

From: Developing the universal unified prevention program for diverse disorders for school-aged children

IntroductionGoal of today’s lesson
Confirmation of the rule
Review of the last class (after lesson 2)
At the beginning of every lesson, the teacher should mention the program rules, such as do not make fun of someone, do not mess around, and do not be shy. A teacher starts each lesson with an explanation of today’s goal. After Lesson 2, a teacher also reviews and confirms the homework from the last lesson
Target skillsA vignette
Introduction of the target skills
A situation with some difficulties or distress is provided to students in the form of a cartoon. There are three children who have distinct problems in the cartoon. Their problems represent anxiety, depression, and anger, respectively. An inventor plays a role of facilitator and he shows his invention, which acts as a metaphor for the target skills
PracticeIndividual practice
Group activity
First, students practice the target skill individually. Generally, students are told to complete their worksheets. Then, after sharing, students participate in group activities including, discussion, modeling, and/or behavioral rehearsal
Summary and review of the today
A teacher makes conclusive remarks and explains homework for daily practice. Students complete a comprehension and feedback sheet
  1. Up2-D2 the Universal Unified Prevention Program for Diverse Disorders