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Table 4 Cross-tabulation of feedback sheets for all lessons

From: Developing the universal unified prevention program for diverse disorders for school-aged children

No.X elementary schoolY elementary schoolTotal
4th grade5th grade6th grade4th grade5th grade
Lesson 13430374754202
Lesson 23731354753203
Lesson 33832342428156
Lesson 43729354554200
Lesson 53728354454198
Lesson 63432364355200
Lesson 735374349164
Lesson 83832363547188
Lesson 93732344352198
Lesson 103830354756206
Lesson 113829364653202
Lesson 123830364655205
  1. We failed to collect feedback sheets of Lesson 7 in 5th grade in X elementary school. The numbers of feedback sheets were combined from two classes in Y elementary school