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Table 2 Description of training characteristics

From: Child and adolescent psychiatry training in Nepal: early career psychiatrists’ perspective

Characteristicsn (%)
Type of CAP training receiving or received
 E-learning/online training7 (9.3)
 Clinical postings38 (50.7)
 Group discussions28 (37.3)
 Case presentations47 (62.7)
 Minimal or no formal training25 (33.3)
Dedicated CAP unit or department in the place of training or work
 Present23 (29.9)
 Absent54 (70.1)
No of CAP patients seen per week
 None3 (3.9)
 One to ten48 (62.3)
 Ten to twenty19 (24.7)
 More than twenty7 (9.1)
How often are childhood psychiatric disorders suspected
 Always suspected5 (6.5)
 Often suspected51 (66.2)
 Sometimes suspected21 (27.3)