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Table 3 CAP self-evaluation and perceived training needs(n = 77)

From: Child and adolescent psychiatry training in Nepal: early career psychiatrists’ perspective

Characteristicsn (%)
Overall rating in CAP training
 Comprehensive1 (1.3)
 Satisfactory22 (28.6)
 Limited42 (54.5)
 Grossly inadequate12 (15.6)
Readiness to take on a consultant role in CAP
 Ready for the role5 (6.5)
 Adequate but would benefit from further training38 (49.4)
 Unprepared34 (44.2)
Want additional training in CAP
 Yes57 (74)
 No4 (5.3)
 May be16 (20.8)
Mental health to be included in the curriculum for children and adolescents
 Extremely important74 (96.1)
 Slightly important3 (3.9)
 Confidence in diagnosing CAP casesa5.18 ± 1.56
 Confidence in management/intervention of CAP casesa4.58 ± 1.59
 Overall confidence in CAPa4.67 ± 1.62
  1. a These results (score on a ten-point scale with 10 being the highest possible score) are expressed as the mean ± SD