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Table 2 Reasons for school refusal in boys with ASD

From: School refusal and bullying in children with autism spectrum disorder

Odds ratio95% CIP-valueOdds ratio95% CIP-value
1. Bullying4.6160.974–21.8730.0544.5180.953–21.4200.058
2. Friendship other than bullying1.4370.658–3.1400.363
3. Problems with school personnel2.2040.839–5.7880.109
4. Problems with school record0.6040.248–1.4710.267
5. Concern about course0.7190.139–3.7220.694
6. Problems with school regulations1.2370.281–5.4390.779
7. Maladjustment at the time of school entrance or promotion1.5850.587–4.2800.364
8. Rapid changes in living environment0.3810.105–1.3830.142
9. Problems in parent–child relationship1.3120.569–3.0250.524
10. Discord at home0.4130.094–1.8160.242
11. Absence due to illness1.0530.370–2.9930.923
12. Delinquency1.8950.352–10.2000.457
13. Lethargy0.5590.142–2.1990.405
14. Anxiety and emotional confusion1.660.695–3.9600.254
15. Intentional denial1.460.256–8.3150.67
16. Others (physical symptoms, etc.)1.5740.730–3.3930.247
17. Unknown0.3460.061–1.9710.232