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Table 1 PI program overview

From: Positive intervention for depression and teacher–student relationship in Iranian high school girl students with moderate/mild depression: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Session number Name Goals Examples of activity
1 A curve of life Introduce each individual, explore the meanings of pain and a purpose in life by understanding your past Draw a curve of life after finding the meanings of the past and present pains
2 My present Understand and know yourself Talk about teacher–student relationship and write 10 sentences that show your understandings of feelings and emotions
3 A tree of life Discover the positive and negative aspects of yourself Draw a tree with good and bad fruits on it and talk about those you wish to keep or throw away
4 Family story Discover your positive traits by helping to solve others’ family conflicts Talk about the family members’ specifications of the past three generations and the conflicts between them after drawing their family tree with lines representing their closeness and problems, Exchange suggestions on resolving problems
5 Healing of the hurt mind Seek health by understanding the concept of forgiveness Share some experiences of the situations, in which you have received emotional scars and have had to forgive and be forgiven by role playing after writing a list of them
6 Good communication Practice an appropriate communication Role play in a recent stressful situation after writing about it or writing it through I-messages
7 Life and death Practice coping with the concept of life and death, practice an appropriate communication with others What would you write on your tombstone when you imagine your grave? Express expectations and needs as well as appreciations to your family and write apologies for the emotional wounds you have left behind during your life, while making your last demands
8 Planning the future Accept responsibility for life Know your wishes in life and make detailed plans