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Table 5 Bivariate analysis of continuous variables associatedd with the video gaming addiction subscales scores

From: Video gaming addiction and its association with memory, attention and learning skills in Lebanese children

Variable Addiction video gaming salience Addiction video gaming tolerance Addiction video gaming mood modification Addiction video gaming relapse Addiction video gaming withdrawal Addiction video gaming conflict Addiction video gaming problems
Episodic memory 0.363c 0.353c 0.216c 0.263c 0.293c 0.325c 0.244c
Working memory 0.250c 0.253c 0.169c 0.211c 0.298c 0.299c 0.312c
Visual memory 0.137b 0.133b 0.069 0.119b 0.209c 0.274c 0.343c
Clinical attention morning 0.361c 0.305c 0.278c 0.320c 0.343c 0.329c 0.232c
Clinical attention afternoon 0.334c 0.283c 0.248c 0.300c 0.323c 0.300c 0.231c
Comprehension conceptual learning 0.201c 0.210c 0.154b 0.143b 0.242c 0.200c 0.226c
Factual memory 0.204c 0.241c 0.138b 0.179c 0.296c 0.291c 0.258c
LEAF attention 0.287c 0.277c 0.211c 0.228c 0.293c 0.246c 0.218c
Processing speed 0.264c 0.253c 0.169c 0.210c 0.302c 0.245c 0.215c
Visual spatial organization 0.337c 0.312c 0.210c 0.255c 0.338c 0.287c 0.173c
Sustained sequential processing 0.282c 0.284c 0.222c 0.282c 0.329c 0.222c 0.152b
LEAF working memory 0.263c 0.243c 0.198c 0.213c 0.295c 0.235c 0.177c
Novel solving problem 0.226c 0.185c 0.175c 0.164c 0.272c 0.218c 0.155b
Mathematics skills 0.148b 0.133b 0.081 0.099a 0.140b 0.130b 0.160b
Basic reading skills 0.270c 0.230c 0.150b 0.202c 0.232c 0.209c 0.160b
Written expression 0.310c 0.289c 0.191c 0.214c 0.293c 0.217c 0.107a
  1. ap < 0.05; bp < 0.01; cp < 0.001