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Table 3 Results of the binary logistic regression analysis

From: Psychosocial stressors and protective factors for major depression in youth: evidence from a case–control study

PredictorsBSE BWald Chi squarepOR95% CI
for the OR
Repetition of a grade0.960.523.44.0642.60[0.95, 7.14]
Had to change school1.190.554.68.0303.28[1.12, 9.59]
Separation of parents0.100.440.05.8271.10[0.47, 2.58]
Beaten up at home0.500.740.47.4951.66[0.39, 7.04]
Yelled at and insulted at home0.580.511.29.2561.79[0.66, 4.87]
Victim of violence0.711.200.35.5532.04[0.19, 21.46]
Exercise of violence1.860.825.15.0236.41[1.29, 31.88]
Maternal emotional distress during pregnancy0.280.410.44.5051.32[0.59, 2.97]
Presence of an affective disorder in at least one parent2.530.5124.46< .00112.60[4.62, 34.40]
Lower secondary education of the participant1.220.653.55.0603.38[0.95, 12.03]
  1. Hosmer and Lemeshow goodness-of-fit χ2-test indicated a good fit of the model. Significant p-values are italicized
  2. SE standard error, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval