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Table 2 Path coefficients ICU model with latent factors callousness and uncaring

From: Conceptualizing callous-unemotional traits in preschoolers: Associations with social-emotional competencies and aggressive behavior

Item Loadings
Callousness Uncaring
ICU 04. Does not care who he/she hurts to get what he/she wants .694***  
ICU 06. Does not show emotions .419***  
ICU 09. Does not care if he/she is in trouble .538***  
ICU 11. Does not care about doing things well .175**  
ICU 12. Seems very cold and uncaring .570***  
ICU 18. Shows no remorse when he/she has done something wrong .675***  
ICU 21. The feelings of others are unimportant to him/her .709***  
ICU 05. Feels bad or guilty when he/she has done something wronga   .450***
ICU 08. Is concerned about the feelings of othersa   .797***
ICU 16. Apologizes (“says he/she is sorry”) to persons he/she has hurta   .771***
ICU 17. Tries not to hurt others’ feelingsa   .854***
ICU 24. Does things to make others feel gooda   .560***
  1. aReverse-scored items; *p < .05; **p < .01; ***p < .001