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Table 2 Questionnaire and interview data about the CBT components in which therapists used Vil Du?!

From: Vil Du?! incorporation of a serious game in therapy for sexually abused children and adolescents

CBT components in which Vil Du?! was used Questionnaires Interviews
% clients Therapists (n)
Narration and processing of the CSA experience(s)   
Q: Let client tell about CSA experiences 61  
Q: Discover details about CSA experience 57  
Q: Process CSA experiences in a safe environment 30  
Q: Relive CSA experiences in a safe environment 13  
I: With clients   10
I: With clients’ parents   4
Psycho-education about sexuality   
Q: Education about personal space and boundaries 30  
Q: Education about CSA and sexuality 26  
I: Learning sexuality related vocabulary   6
I: Learning about (in)appropriate sexual behavior   6
Teaching self-protection skills 13  
I: Recognizing and indicating boundaries   8
I: Recognizing intuitive feelings of danger   3
  1.  Q and I under CBT components represent specific categories or codes that were asked in the questionnaire (Q) or identified in the interviews (I). Questionnaire data represents frequencies computed in SPSS