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Table 2 Demographic and clinical characteristics of youth participants

From: The CAMP study: feasibility and clinical correlates of standardized assessments of substance use in a youth psychiatric inpatient sample

Sample characteristics Mean (SD) or %
Demographic characteristics
 Age 15.4 (1.2)
 Perceived social status 5.5 (1.7)
 Female sex 82%
 Female gender 64%
 Transgender and gender diverse 19%
 White race/ethnicity 72%
 Mixed race/ethnicity 17%
 Lived in Canada whole life 91%
 One or more parents born outside of Canada 25%
Positive screening on self-reported psychiatric symptom scales
 Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) 69%
 Social phobia (SP) 22%
 Major depressive episode (MDE) 50%
 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 32%
 Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) 37%
 Conduct disorder (CD) 32%
 At least one internalizing disorder (GAD, SP, and/or MDE) 75%
 At least one externalizing disorder (ADHD, ODD, and/or CD) 49%
 At least one internalizing and one externalizing disorder 37%
 Any internalizing or externalizing disorder 87%
 Serious mental illness (K6) 85%
Most responsible physician discharge diagnosis (primary diagnosis, youth only have one)
 Depressive related disorders 29%
 Anxiety and obsessive–compulsive related disorders 22%
 Trauma and stressor related disorders 21%
 Borderline, cluster B, and emotion dysregulation disorders 5%
 ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders 5%
 Other (for complete list, see Additional file 3, available online) 17%
Discharge summary diagnosesa
 Depressive related disorders 43%
 Anxiety and obsessive–compulsive related disorders 64%
 Trauma and stressor related disorders 31%
 Borderline personality, cluster B, and emotion dysregulation disorders 41%
 ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders 20%
 Problems with family relations 17%
 Eating disorders 12%
 SUDs 10%
 Other 14%
 Number of any discharge diagnoses 2.9 (1.5)
 Number of categories of discharge diagnoses (excluding other) 2.5 (1.2)
Hospital contacts prior to and following index
 Any ED visit in prior 3 years 44%
 Any ED visit in prior 6 months 25%
 Any ED re-presentations in following 6 months 27%
 Any admission in prior 3 years 40%
 Any admission in prior 6 months 21%
 Any re-admission in following 6 months 24%
  1. aDischarge summary diagnoses are not mutually exclusive, and youth can have multiple