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Table 1 Detail on the proposed IMPeTUS intervention

From: Improving mental health literacy among young people aged 11–15 years in Java, Indonesia: the co-development of a culturally-appropriate, user-centred resource (The IMPeTUs Intervention)

Agreement Inconsistencies/further evidence required
Aim: To increase mental health literacy and develop self-management strategies
Content: Interactive digital story-line game combined with a facilitated group discussion before and after use of the intervention. Feedback to be provided by the intervention to CYP in terms of their responses
Target users: CYP aged 11–15
Where: Setting agnostic. Should be able to be used in schools/mental health services and third sector organisations as a minimum
Delivery: Individual game play and game play with parents. Facilitated group sessions. Facilitator dependent on delivery setting
Outcomes: Individual skills and knowledge (MHL), mental health (anxiety and depression), family cohesion, quality of life
Resources: Digital game, links to further information about specific issues raised in the game (web based), facilitator training, implementation guidance, resource for parents
Training: Group facilitator training, training for implementers
• Need for group discussions before and after intervention engagement to discuss issues raised in the game—CYP preference
• Optimal implementation context (school/community organisation/third sector organization—evaluation required as no consensus