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Table 2 Item-level descriptive statistics for the Adolescent Primary Care Traumatic Stress Screen (APCTSS) (N=178)

From: Development and pilot testing of a five item traumatic stress screener for use with adolescents in pediatric primary care

Item N Percentage of participants endorsing item (%)
Bad dreams about scary experiences or other bad dreams? 74 41.6
Upsetting thoughts, pictures or sounds of scary experiences come into your mind when you didn't want them to? 61 34.3
Tried not to think about or have feelings about scary experiences? 70 39.3
Mad at yourself or someone else for making the scary experiences happen, not doing more to stop it, or to help after? 33 18.5
Felt jumpy or easily startled, like when you hear a loud noise or when something surprises you? 79 44.40