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Table 2 Values of Vital Signs for Patients who met Criteria for Categorical Change

From: A pilot study for augmenting atomoxetine with methylphenidate: safety of concomitant therapy in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Parameter Augmentation Treatment Augmentation Baseline Categorical Change Value Categorical Change Duration of Augmentation
Blood pressure (mm/Hg)      
Patient 1 MPH 84/56 110/86 D 1 week
Patient 2 MPH 110/53 124/74 S & D 6 weeks
Patient 3 PBO 108/78 110/90 D 2 weeks
Pulse Rate (bpm)      
Patient 1 MPH 84 114 P 2 weeks
Patient 2 PBO 78 112 P 2 weeks
  1. Categorical change defined as follows: (1) for diastolic and systolic blood pressure, an increase of at least 5 mmHg to above the 95th percentile based on age, gender, and height-adjusted National Institute of Health norms [15]; (2) for pulse, an increase of at least 25 to a value of at least 110. Abbreviations: MPH, methylphenidate; PBO placebo, D, met categorical change definition for diastolic blood pressure; S met categorical change definition for systolic blood pressure; P met categorical change definition for pulse.