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Table 1 Age-dependent factors that influence the pharmacokinetics in children and adolescents

From: Drug monitoring in child and adolescent psychiatry for improved efficacy and safety of psychopharmacotherapy

Pharmacokinetic parameter Influencing factors
Absorption Gastrointestinal function (for example gastric emptying and intestinal motility; hydrochloric acid production, bile acid secretion, intestinal and body length)
Distribution Body composition (for example extra-cellular and total-body water space, volume of distribution, changes in the composition and amount of circulating plasma proteins, body fat)
Regional blood flow
Organ perfusion
Permeability of cell membranes
Acid-base balance
Passive diffusion of drugs into the central nervous system
Metabolism Metabolic capacity (for example liver size, activity of drug-metabolising phase I and II enzymes such as P-450 cytochromes and glucuronosyltransferase)
Excretion Renal function
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