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Table 2 Effects of developmental factors on the pharmacokinetics and the efficacy of psychotropic drugs

From: Drug monitoring in child and adolescent psychiatry for improved efficacy and safety of psychopharmacotherapy

Developmental factor Pharmacokinetic effects Clinical effects
Liver size and activity of CYP450 enzymes ↑ Increased drug metabolism Insufficient drug efficacy
Percentage of body fat ↓ Reduced storage of lipophilic drugs  
Glomerular filtration rate ↑ Faster urinary excretion  
Protein binding ↓ Increased drug availability Increased risk of side effects
Gastro-intestinal resorption ↑ Increased drug availability both in peripheral organs and the brain  
  1. CYP450, P-450 cytochrome
  2. ↑, Increase compared to adults; ↓, Decrease compared to adults