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Table 3 Caregiver MTS treatment satisfaction at endpoint, ITT population

From: Does switching from oral extended-release methylphenidate to the methylphenidate transdermal system affect health-related quality-of-life and medication satisfaction for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder?

MSS Summary Agreement, %a
N = 161
Satisfied with frequency of daily dosing 97.5
Satisfied with ease of use 96.2
Child rarely missing a dose 97.5
Satisfied with child's behavior 93.8
Improvement in child's social interactions 82.6
Satisfied with how child pays attention 91.9
Satisfied with duration of effect on symptoms 93.1
Overall satisfaction 93.8
  1. a"Strongly agree", "agree", and "somewhat agree" were combined into the "agreed" category.
  2. MTS = methylphenidate transdermal system; ITT = intent to treat, MSS = Medication Satisfaction Survey.