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Table 1 HoNOSCA scales and similar ASEBA scales or items

From: Clinician-rated mental health in outpatient child and adolescent mental health services: associations with parent, teacher and adolescent ratings

The HoNOSCA scales Similar ASEBA scales or items
1 Problems with disruptive, antisocial, or aggressive behaviour Broad-band scale: Externalizing problems
2 Problems with overactivity, attention, or concentration Syndrome scale: Attention problems
3 Non-accidental self-injury Item 18: Deliberately harms self or attempts suicide
Item 91: Talks about killing self
4 Problems with alcohol, substance/solvent misuse Item 2: Drinks alcohol without parents' approval (CBCL, YSR, but not TRF)
Item 105: Uses drugs for non-medical purposes
5 Problems with scholastic or language skills -
6 Physical illness or disability problems -
7 Problems associated with hallucinations, delusions, or abnormal perceptions Item 9: Can't get mind off thoughts
Item 34: Others out to get him/her
Item 40: Hears thing
Item 70: Sees thing
Item 85: Strange ideas
Item 89: Suspicious
8 Problems with non-organic somatic symptoms Syndrome scale: Somatic complaints
9 Problems with emotional and related symptoms Broad-band scale: Internalizing problems
10 Problems with peer relationships Syndrome scale: Social problems
11 Problems with self-care and independence -
12 Problems with family life and relationships -
13 Poor school attendance Item 98: Tardy to school or class (TRF, but not CBCL or YSR)
Item 101: Truancy, skips school
HoNOSCA total score (sum scale 1-13) Broad-band scale: Total problems