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Table 5 Parental report of formal diagnosis of children with DSH behaviours, and nature of DSH behaviours (N = 99)

From: Parents of young people with self-harm or suicidal behaviour who seek help – a psychosocial profile

Variable n %
No formal diagnosis 38 39
Depression 28 28
Behavioural/conduct problem 3 3
ADHD 3 3
Substance misuse (i.e., drugs, alcohol) 1 1
Multiple diagnoses 25 25
Missing data 1 1
Child has experienced thoughts of DSH   
Yes 84 85
No 15 15
Child has experienced a DSH episode   
Yes 89 90
No 10 10
  1. Note: There is an overlap between children who experienced DSH thoughts and episodes, i.e., all children experienced either thoughts or an episode of DSH, and some experienced both. A lack of DSH thoughts combined with a DSH episode is considered to be an impulsive episode, with no previous indication of intent from the child.