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Table 4 Recommended dose equivalency for switch condition

From: Improving metabolic parameters of antipsychotic child treatment (IMPACT) study: rationale, design, and methods

Entry SGA Switch to aripiprazole Switch to perphenazine
Aripiprazole -- Dose X 1.33
Asenapine Dose X 1.5 Dose X 2
Iloperidone Dose X 1.25 Dose X 1.75
Lurasidone Dose X 0.25 Dose X 0.35
Olanzapine Dose X 1.5 Dose X 2
Paliperidone Dose X 2.5 Dose X 3.33
Quetiapine Dose X 0.1 Dose X 0.13
Risperidone Dose X 4 Dose X 5
Ziprasidone Dose X 0.125 Dose X 0.17