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Table 1 Temperament and character dimensions

From: Temperament and character traits in female adolescents with nonsuicidal self-injury disorder with and without comorbid borderline personality disorder

Dimension High level Low level
Novelty seeking Curious, impulsive, sensation seeking Indifferent, thoughtful, modest
Harm avoidance Worried, pessimistic, frightened, shy Relaxed, optimistic, fearless, confident, talkative
Reward dependence Sensitive, warm, dependent Cold, secluded, independent
Persistence Hard-working, ambitious, perfectionist Inactive, lethargic, pragmatic
Self-directedness Mature, effective, responsible, determined, high self-acceptance Immature, unreliable, indecisive, low self-acceptance
Cooperativeness Social tolerant, empathic, helpful Social intolerant, critical, cold, not helpful, destructive
Self-transcendence Experienced, patient, creative, self-forgetting, connected to the universe, spiritual Uncomprehending, proud, unimaginative, lack of humility