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Table 1 Demographics of Participants

From: Impediments and catalysts to task-shifting psychotherapeutic interventions for adolescents with PTSD: perspectives of multi-stakeholders

Pseudonym Background
‘Natasha’ (N1) White Afrikaans nurse from out of town with 6 years psychiatry experience
‘Natalia’ (N2) White Afrikaans nurse with 30 years nursing experience
‘Noleen’ (N3) Black Xhosa nurse, working in psychiatric hospital since 2006
‘Theresa’ (T1) Afrikaans coloured administrator, basic counselling training at local NGO (Lifeline)
‘Tina’ (T2) Coloured Afrikaans teacher, youth work experience, desires to study psychology
‘Thandi’ (T3) Black Xhosa teacher, no known counselling background