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Table 1 The result obtained from exploratory factor analysis with varimax rotation among adolescents aged 15–17 (n = 600)

From: Disruptive behavior scale for adolescents (DISBA): development and psychometric properties

Item Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3 Factor 4
I hit the school trees and break their branches 0.722a    
I stick gum on the seats 0.668    
I love to carve on the school benches 0.611    
I tuck the back of my shoes like villains when I walk 0.610    
I sometimes come to school after taking drugs 0.606    
I bring explosives to school 0.600    
I deliberately break or damage school equipment 0.589    
I get expelled from class due to inappropriate and disruptive behavior 0.562    
I like to drag my feet when I walk 0.558    
I text messages in class while the teacher is teaching 0.549    
I kick the classroom door open 0.536    
I clash with teachers 0.503    
I make noise and disrupt the class   0.622   
I eat refreshments in class without permission   0.621   
I like to disrupt the class and the school   0.611   
I speak without permission and disrupt the class   0.594   
I argue with my classmates   0.570   
I sing out loud at school   0.543   
I don’t turn up on time for school    0.711  
I turn up late for class    0.655  
I forget to bring the things I need to school    0.560  
I don’t pay attention to the lessons in the classroom    0.532  
I skipping classes    0.530  
I can’t relate well with my friends    0.511  
I don’t care about school’s teachers and authorities     0.650
I argue with teachers     0.640
I leave my seat without teacher’s permission     0.607
I argue with the school’s authorities     0.543
I don’t stand up when the teacher enters the class     0.541
Total variance explained 59%
  1. aFactor loadings less than 0.3 were omitted