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Table 9 Functional equivalence: linear and logistic regressions

From: Measuring children’s emotional and behavioural problems: are SDQ parent reports from native and immigrant parents comparable?

 Unstandardized beta coefficient
SDQ-scaleGroupInteraction scale × group
 SDQ total difficulties score (wave 1)-contact to psychotherapist/psychologist/psychiatrist0.181**  
  Group Russian origin− 0.5360.134
  Group Turkish origin− 0.1060.052
 SDQ subscale hyperactivity (wave 1)-ADHD diagnosis (wave 2)0.644**  
  Group Russian origin− 0.7010.072
  Group Turkish origin− 1.000.093
 SDQ subscale emotional problems (wave 1)-PHQ sumscore (wave 2) Linear regression0.437**  
  Group Russian origin0.203− 0.021
  Group Turkish origin2.48− 0.224
 SDQ total difficulties score (wave 1)-mental health disorder diagnosis (wave 2)0.097**  
  Group Russian origin0.3220.033
  Group Turkish origin− 0.1860.876
  1. **p < 0.01