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Table 4 Multivariable regression analysis of factors associated with subjective well-being (SWB) among left-behind Children (LBC)

From: Subjective well-being of left-behind children: a cross-sectional study in a rural area of eastern China

Positive affect
 (constant)3.0150.27810.864< 0.001
 Parental migration status− 0.0920.015− 1.4130.158
 Type of caregivers− 0.0320.066− 0.4880.626
 Contact frequency with parents0.1610.0542.9820.003
 Frequency of parents visiting children0.0320.0520.6190.537
Negative affect
 (constant)2.4230.18812.896< 0.001
 Parental migration status-0.0790.044− 1.8060.072
 Type of caregivers0.0930.0442.0940.037
 Contact frequency with parents-0.0350.036− 0.9710.332
 Frequency of parents visiting children-0.0140.035− 0.4060.685
Life satisfaction
 (constant)3.9120.18521.101< 0.001
 Parental migration status0.0110.0430.2580.796
 Type of caregivers0.0190.0440.4400.660
 Contact frequency with parents0.1640.0364.557< 0.001
 Frequency of parents visiting children0.0460.0351.3150.189
  1. LBC left-behind children, SE standard error, SWB subjective well-being