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Table 1 Profile of the proposed training program for students

From: Effects of a mental health promotion intervention on mental health of Iranian female adolescents: a school-based study

Meetings Topic of meetings
Session 1 Providing an introduction to the importance and necessity of stress control skills and enhancement of mental health
Defining stress and dealing with individual differences in the face of stress
Session 2 Introducing the overall impact of stress on different body systems and evaluating the effects of physical, psychological, and behavioral stress
Session 3 Introducing a variety of strategies for coping, problem-focused, and emotion-focused techniques as a way of coping, and comparing healthy and unhealthy solutions
Session 4 Tips for coping with stress and introduction of steps of coping with stress
Session 5 Strengthening confidence and self-esteem and combating depression and anxiety
Session 6 Practical instruction of relaxation techniques, exercising, and repeating it, to ensure the resolution of ambiguities and students’ learning of these skills